Jack & Freda Pendulum earrings in lilac

You fly out of bed, grab the nearest top and throw it on with the jeans you've been wearing all week. You're late, in a rush, haven't had time to brush, let alone wash your hair. Absolutely no effort or thought went into your outfit, but throughout the day, people keep complimenting you on how well you look! You look fresh, vibrant, 5 years younger even. What's your secret, why's everyone being so nice? 

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you receive a ton of compliments when you wear a certain top? Everyone comments on how well you look and to be honest, you're feeling pretty meh, but you'll take the compliments thanks very much.

The secret is simply COLOUR! You've unintentionally picked a top that enhances your skin tone and the compliments are rolling in...

Fab, so which colours should I wear? 

Our skin tones be can divided into warm, cool or neutral depending on our levels of haemoglobin, melanin and keratin. Wearing colours that mirror and enhance our natural complexion can have amazing effects, helping us look brighter and more radiant.

 Higher levels of keratin and/or melanin producing a yellow/golden undertone. Great colours to wear are yellow, green,  tomato-reds, orange, brown, gold, bronze and cream.

Cool: Higher concentration of haemoglobin producing a pinky undertone to the skin. Colours to enhance cool skin tones are  pink, blue, red, navy, purple, black, grey and silver.

Neutral:.20% of the population have neutral skin tones which suits both warm and cool colours.

Keep scrolling to find out how you can tell which colours are for you...

Play with colour

A great way to wear your best colours near your face is with jewellery. Another guilt-free reason to buy more earrings! Our designs come in a range of beautiful colours to suit all skin tones. We love clean lines and simple design - our earrings are perfect for all occasions, to wear anytime with anything. 

Warm - olive, teal and sand

Cool blues, lilac and silver earrings suit cool skin tones

Cool - teal, marine and lilac

Cool blues, lilac and silver earrings suit cool skin tones

If you have a neutral  skin tone you can wear all colours

Cool blues, lilac and silver earrings suit cool skin tones

How to find out which colours to wear...

The lovely Laura Taylor  runs Your Style, With Laura and has helped provide information for this article. Laura is a fab colour consultant and works with clients to analyse colour, shape and personality to help women feel more confident about what to wear.  If you'd like more information on Laura's services, check out her website. She's also a great supporter of indie brands and sells a gorgeous selection of jewellery and accessories.